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Enterprises Content Management - ECM

Enterprise content management (ECM) is software that helps companies create content with common desktop applications and easy-to-use content authoring templates. Content – or unstructured information – includes digital text documents, engineering drawings, XML, still images, audio and video files, and many others. ECM is essential for managing all content items including content from user's desktop and enterprise applications such as customer relationship management, supply chain management, and enterprise portals. It spans review, revision, and approval processes for any piece of content according to user-defined business rules and allows simultaneous publishing of a single content item via a Web site, email, fax, print, and a handheld wireless device.


Documentum, a provider of content management solutions, that helps large enterprises produce and maintain multimedia such as documents, Web pages and XML files through a sole shared content platform and repository. The company, which has 1,300 employees in North America and the Pacific Rim of Asia, was acquired in October last year by its strategic partner EMC Corp. Nowadays EMC Documentum is the leader in enterprise content management. The EMC Documentum platform delivers a unique set of solutions to the challenges of enterprise content management. By leveraging the integration channels in the Documentum business process management solution, including Web Services, content aggregation and distribution services, native XML management, and J2EE-based integration, data and content from other applications and enterprises can participate in Documentu -managed business processes. Documentum's legacy of strong workflow features provides a solid foundation for BPM; new and upcoming capabilities will only extend that strong support.

Companies who are already utilizing Documentum workflow technology can continue to use it to drive larger-scale business processes by leveraging the BPM integration channels to link their workflows to other business applications and systems. The rich, human-based workflow interactions like work lists, escalations, and task management provided by EMC Documentum can be linked with automated system integration and processing, allowing a complete, end-to-end managed process. Customers who use the existing integration channels will be well prepared to leverage the new, robust capabilities in both data and content integration and exchange provided by a new services-oriented architecture. Companies that have business processes managed by other systems can incorporate EMC Documentum business processes using the open BPM interface provided by EMC Documentum.

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